24 June 2009

you might be a redneck cop. . .

A young couple, Joshua Kelly and Llara Brook, of Chantilly, Virginia, found themselves lost while driving in Baltimore, Maryland. They were relieved, of course, when they spotted a police cruiser.
  • Kelly: "Could you please get us to 95?"
  • Officer Natalie Preston: "You found your own way in here, you can find your own way out."
Whoa, life's a bitch when asking Baltimore police for help.

When "officer" Preston spotted them asking
another officer for directions she decided to bite. She stepped between the couple and the other officer, snarling, "My partner is not going to step in front of me and tell you directions if I'm not." Then she hauled their butts to the station where they remained locked up for "trespassing."

"It was a nightmare," said Brook. "In jail for 8 hours. Sleeping on a concrete floor next to a toilet."

Wrong one, wrong type of pound

Kelly's car was sent to the police car pound where the police left it both unlocked and with the windows down. Stuff, of course, was stolen from the car.

Brook's parents are both Pennsylvania police officers. We'll follow this story and report updates.

Click here to see original story with video!
WBAL TV (Baltimore, MD) 17-May-06

19 June 2009

you might be a redneck. . .

. . .if your idea of a day at the spa. . .

. . .is sitting in a kiddie pool in the bed of your F-250.

15 June 2009

to sum up. . .
how to freak out your cats

step one. sell your house.

step two. move to an apartment.

step three. refer back to here. and then here.

step four. buy another house.

step five. move again!

add water and stir.

part deux to come. bet on it!

12 June 2009

that was then, this is. . .

that was then.

today you are 14-going-on-15, or if you had your way. . .

14-going-on-driver's-license. ack.

today you finish middle school. 14 years have gone by in the blink of an eye, some of the time good, most of it great.

you have gone from adorable baby to gorgeous young woman, and i've witnessed the most remarkable transformation along the way. i am pleased that i was here to enjoy it with you, and i am so very proud of you.

happy graduation. high school is next, and then the rest of your life, whatever that holds.

i love you, moira.