23 November 2006

wacky dictionary entry of the day

prune (v) (also pruned; prun·ing)
(from Latin pro- + rotundiare (around)
1: the act of cutting off or trimming overgrowth, overextension or overreaching parts of a tree, shrub or bush.
(see also 2006 ELECTION)

apologies to merriam-webster online

13 November 2006

time keeps on slippin' slippin'
slippin' into the future*

an anonymous reader left this comment recently:

"just a question you will probably find annoying, but i must ask. how (and where) do you find time to do all this 'blogging'?"

it takes 15-20 minutes to compose a blog. it's all random stuff. . .not like I am writing a dissertation or anything. just stuff. sometimes yesterday's blog has nothing to do with today's, and sometimes there's a running theme. sometimes these running themes are spread over months or years, so i have to make them obvious by appending the titles with a part deux or somesuch kitsch.

in the two minutes it took to respond to an email on this subject, i could nearly have been finished with the text of this blog, but how, i wonder, do I find all this time to blog when I have all this sorting through fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:emails to do?

someday i'll figure it out.

and maybe, mother, someday you'll get it too.
*apologies to the steve miller band

10 November 2006


rutgers university's football team was known for a long time as an exercise in futility.

no longer. they came out of oblivion and from behind and beat third-ranked university of louisville 28-25 yesterday. . .and they did it in front of a stadium record 44,111 home-field crowd in piscataway, nj. . .and in prime time in front of a national tv audience.

they are now one of four remaining undefeated teams, and are now in first place in the big east conference.

even new york has scarlet fever:
the empire state building was lit last night
in red in support of the LU v RU game

futility? methinks not.

next game: saturday, 18 november.
kickoff time tba.
photos copyright 2006
rutgers university
used with permission.
photo of empire state building
by associated press.

09 November 2006

• • • • our second nominee into the
• • • • second annual bored stiff geeks
• • • • hall of fame

if someone has entirely too much time on his hands,
he (or she) must be a bored stiff geek.

we have another nominee with paper and scissors, but this fellow gives papercut boy a run for his money!

julian beever is an english artist who's famous for his art on the pavement of england.

it certainly is amazing what you can do
with a little chalk and an expanse of sidewalk!

yes, they're walking around the "hole" in the sidewalk!

both his feet are on flat pavement!

this drawing of a "rescue" is supposed to be viewed
with an inverting mirror.

spiderman to the rescue!

batman & robin to the rescue

you decide. . .papercut boy, or the beever?

• • • • the 2005 inductee
• • • • can be seen

08 November 2006

ready. . .aim. . .part trois

from what would have been the day after the election in november 2005 (if we had had an election in november 2005):

i used to think that people who left their W'04 stickers on their cars were gloating, and that they should get over it and move on. but i realized today that nobody sporting a W'04 sticker would consider "move on" as an option--sounds too much like moveon.org, i guess.

then a colleague of mine suggested this: don't people who sport W'04 stickers on their cars realize they're making themselves targets?

to which i replied: if people sporting W'04 stickers are of like mind with W, and W is of questionable mind. . .


my point: take off your campaign stickers if your candidate won (or lost), stop gloating (or sulking), and move the hell on. we have the future to think about, and we're all in this together, republican or democrat.

05 November 2006

all the news that's fit to blog

we here at bored stiff geeks are proud to announce (really proud) that our little blog made news.

melissa mcnamara at cbsnews.com gave bored stiff geeks a moment in the spotlight on november 1 for a little commentary we made on october 28. look in the section called using the internets, about two thirds down the column.

we couldn't be more honored.

03 November 2006


jesuit high school's varsity football team made short work of the southridge skyhawks last night, capping an undefeated season and clinching the metro league title, a title which they had to share last year with southridge, the only team to defeat jesuit in the 2005-06 regular season, and that was in the season opener--21 games ago.

even more sweet is that they did it on a nationally-televised game on fox sports network's high school game of the week.

paul weatheroy runs
for yet another td

it wasn't even close. 38-nil.

what a way to seal the deal.

for the story as seen
in the oregonian,
click here

01 November 2006

kitsch is dead

well, at least the pink flamingo is dead. after 49 years, its manufacturer is ceasing production of the venerated-and-yet-reviled lawn ornament.

couldn't they have waited just one more year and had a 50th anniversary edition of the pink flamingo?

nah. that'd be too kitschy.