28 October 2006

i wish i were home
where the buffalo roam
and the deer and the antelope
don't stay the course
but i never said stay the course

george w. bush said on cnbc this week, that he "sometimes goes on the google to pull up maps like. . .I kinda like to look at the ranch. it reminds me of where i wanna be sometimes." (click here for the youtube clip.)

and seriously, he told stephanopoulos that, "when it comes to Iraq policy, we've never been 'stay the course'!" (click here for the abcnews clip at thinkprogress.)

i beg your pardon?

go to your own white house home page, dubya, and enter the term "stay the course", and see how many hits you get.

if you don't remember how many times you said "stay the course" in the last two years, then perhaps you should go back to the ranch and stay there, instead of looking it up on "the google."


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