26 July 2005

five years

five years you've been here.

five years of giving your sister what-for, five years of smiles and laughter. five years of i-don't-know-what-i-would-have-done-differently, because you are my baby, my image, my sweet annie. . .

my life would be a wreck without you.

i love you, anna. happy birthday.

01 July 2005

happy friggin' anniversary indeed

life here is still good.

it's been four years TODAY that i joined the rank and file of the lowest scum-of-the-earth known as CAR SALESMEN. still selling toyotas-mazdas-nissans-subarus-buicks-pontiacs-GMCtrucks in my spare time (all 50 hours a week. . .ack). keeping my options open. don't know if i will or can go back to full-fledged geekdom (i am so far behind the curve now, i don't think my old print shop could hire me to do the graphic design). happy anniversary indeed!

anyway, life is good, carrie and the girlz are great. they grow like weeds, the girls do. annie is four-years-eleven-months old now. moira is ten-years-nine-months. time flies.

must spend more time with them.

speaking of that, i'm off to see my girlz again.

ciao for now.

happy high explosives day (that'd be july 4).

this news out of washington really burns my flag

conservatives in the united states congress took up a motion yesterday to amend the constitution to ban flag burning.

but there's a twist. they are trying to get support from house liberals by telling them it'll reduce global warming.