26 February 2010

newest offerings from smart cars,
part deux

first, we had this
what's next?

Not even sure it's got a name...
Not even sure it's got a name...
From its 'why-would-you-do-that' department, smart has developed a fortwo with monster ambitions.
The forfun² has the body of a smart fortwo mounted on an all-terrain Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 series. The Greek 4x4 Rally Champion, Stefan Attart, joined forces with Mercedes-Benz Greece, to design and develop this one-off vehicle.
The engine and transmission are adopted from the Unimog and the vehicle has a six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 5,675 cc delivering 84 bhp. By comparison, a fortwo diesel has a 41 bhp engine.
The vital statistics of the forfun² include ground clearance of more than 2ft, eye popping tires on 26 inch rims, and a towering 12 ft height.
Attart wanted maximum off-road mobility which makes the Unimog 406 the perfect platform. He added oversized wheels, an aluminium safety cage, and his design team used special shock absorbers with manually controlled air suspension, which is an advantage on steep downhill slopes.
Er -- that's it...
as crafty198 wrote, "Damn it why can't I get a job thinking up great things to do with cars and a few thousand quid!!"

16 February 2010

Bad Prediction of the day

"there is no reason anyone would want a computer in their

-- ken olson, president, chairman and founder
of digital equipment corp., 1977 --

01 February 2010

one word: decadent.

had dinner at the olive garden last night. all was going well until dessert came.

i ordered these italian doughnuts called zeppoli. bite-sized pastries, dusted in powdered sugar and cinnamon, and served with a cup of hot fudge for dipping.

i gained 5 pounds just smelling the damn things.

if you haven't tried them, you haven't lived.