29 October 2006

i can't believe i ate the whole thing

i am trying something new this year. i am setting a reminder on my doorstep for all those little ankle-biters who will be ringing my doorbell on halloween how they will feel the morning after eating all that candy.

28 October 2006

i wish i were home
where the buffalo roam
and the deer and the antelope
don't stay the course
but i never said stay the course

george w. bush said on cnbc this week, that he "sometimes goes on the google to pull up maps like. . .I kinda like to look at the ranch. it reminds me of where i wanna be sometimes." (click here for the youtube clip.)

and seriously, he told stephanopoulos that, "when it comes to Iraq policy, we've never been 'stay the course'!" (click here for the abcnews clip at thinkprogress.)

i beg your pardon?

go to your own white house home page, dubya, and enter the term "stay the course", and see how many hits you get.

if you don't remember how many times you said "stay the course" in the last two years, then perhaps you should go back to the ranch and stay there, instead of looking it up on "the google."


27 October 2006

• • • • our first nominee into the
• • • • second annual bored stiff geeks
• • • • hall of fame

if someone has entirely too much time on his hands,
he (or she) must be a bored stiff geek.

it certainly is amazing what you can do
with an x-acto knife
and a single sheet of paper!

• • • • the 2005 inductee
• • • • can be seen here

thanks to scandalous
for the pictures

23 October 2006

i like a little roughage with my lettuce

it's either this or e. coli with your spinach. your choice.

click the picture for the urban myth answer

thanks to scandalous
for sending this to me

22 October 2006

bill maher's new rules

you can't call yourself a think tank
if all your ideas are stupid

watch the video
windows media

read the transcript
or here

courtesy of crooksandliars.com and hbo.com

'nuf said.

20 October 2006

13 October 2006

the skies will rend
and the earth will shake
'cuz there's a rumble
at the hukilau tonight*

the hawaiian islands were doing a hula all their own today, and my wife's parents were there for the whole ride. you see, they live in honaunau, south of kailua-kona, just a few miles from the epicenter of the quake.

they were at morning mass when it struck. they were at a very old place called the painted church--quite a marvel, really, more than a hundred years old, built of wood and painted in rather ornate murals. everything's original--even the windows.

the crucifix, pictures and other stuff fell off the walls, the building shook, and there remained rather a mess to clean up. that is, except for the windows.

they're intact.

blows the mind.

*new testament, book of pele, chapter 4, verses 6-9


a tip: if you ever visit the place, be sure to buy something at the gift shop. it will help pay for the restoration and upkeep of the church.

12 October 2006

horsing around

my goodness, how they grow up. one moment they're falling off bikes with training wheels, and next they're riding horses.

and to think that in only 4 years she'll be driving a car.

may we please go back to horse and buggy?

03 October 2006

happy birthday to peggy. . . .

welcome to the other side of 39.

young as ever, i am sure you are.

regards to murray and the kids.

best wishes. . .

six months have passed since i left the world of slinging sheetmetal and rubber and joined the ranks of the mortgage professional. seems like yesterday.

there were some fellas who were shocked to see me go, and who were genuinely concerned for my welfare, and who are happy to know that i am making a success of the new career.

there were one or two schlubs who thought i wouldn't make it, and who thought i'd be crawling back on hands and knees, begging for my old job back, but i think i have done well for myself, from all indications, and i sincerely hope they are happy for me.

whether you were a well-wisher or a schlub, i wish you well in your careers and the best in your lives.

six months. my my, how time flies.

01 October 2006

values, schmalues

a republican florida congressman was caught sending emails with sexual overtones to teenage boys on the capitol hill staff.

said republican was chair of a house caucus on children and family issues--that is, until recently, when he resigned in shame.

other republicans in the house of representatives knew of the emails weeks ago, but are only now admitting knowledge of the offending communications after their knowledge of said communiqués was uncovered in an investigative news report.

smells like a cover-up to me.

and the republicans tout themselves as the party of family values?

values, schmalues.