26 January 2010

don't feed them, they'll breed!

the lieutenant governor of south carolina has compared schoolchildren who eat free lunches, to stray animals.

don't believe me? watch the clip

21 January 2010

happiness is a warm gun. . .

"the question put to a succession of arms industry executives last may was always the same: would you pay bribes to get a piece of a $15 million contract to equip the presidential guard of an african country?

according to the justice department, almost two dozen executives said yes, put it in writing and wrote checks — without realizing that the african officials getting the bribes were actually undercover FBI agents."

the password is. . .

this just in

in our completely unscientific poll of a random sampling of 6 americans, 66.6 percent said enough hot air already", and 33.3 percent said "can't wait to see her", when asked about sarah palin being a contributor to fox news.

18 January 2010

some of these poor geeks are going to be more bored than they've known in a while

AOL to Lay Off Up to 1, 200--NYTimes.com/AP, January 11

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The struggling Internet company AOL was laying off up to 1,200 workers this week because it didn't get enough volunteers to accept buyouts.

The cuts will leave AOL at less than a quarter the size it was at its peak in 2004.

13 January 2010

i wasn't going to say anything, part deux

sarah palin made her debut on fox news last night on the o'reilly factor.

is it just me, or does she look like a deer in the headlights again?

10 January 2010

well, that was brief

talk about your going out in a blaze of. . .
well, it was more like blowing out a birthday candle

NBC Ending Leno's Nightly Prime-Time Show