09 November 2006

• • • • our second nominee into the
• • • • second annual bored stiff geeks
• • • • hall of fame

if someone has entirely too much time on his hands,
he (or she) must be a bored stiff geek.

we have another nominee with paper and scissors, but this fellow gives papercut boy a run for his money!

julian beever is an english artist who's famous for his art on the pavement of england.

it certainly is amazing what you can do
with a little chalk and an expanse of sidewalk!

yes, they're walking around the "hole" in the sidewalk!

both his feet are on flat pavement!

this drawing of a "rescue" is supposed to be viewed
with an inverting mirror.

spiderman to the rescue!

batman & robin to the rescue

you decide. . .papercut boy, or the beever?

• • • • the 2005 inductee
• • • • can be seen

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