21 January 2005

is it possible to be half pregnant?

we had a bouncing baby boy.

let's try that again.

we just learned we had a bouncing baby boy. we just got the bill from providence medical center.

we didn't even know we were pregnant!

it seems another carrie mccarthy had a baby at providence, but she wasn't insured, so the bill went to my wife's account. briiliant accounting procedures, if ever I heard of them.

we've never been to ob/gyn or neonatal at providence. we only visited the ER when my wife broke her ankle two years ago.

can you get pregnant by breaking your ankle?

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theanon said...

i've heard that if you hold hands under a full moon or drinking water from utah gets you pg....i'm blonde so i get to tell this joke, lol:

q: what did the blonde say when the doctor told her she was pregnant?

a: gee, i hope it's mine!

ok, i need more coffee....or sleep....or my kids in bed asleep so this pg mom can just relax with some peace and quiet in the house.

hope the billing issue gets resolved before you get the kids' free public education bill for senior year, lol. nice blog btw :-)