30 March 2006

it's a small world, part deux

got a phone call at work last night from some guy looking for a car. i needed to call him back so I asked for his name and number.

mitch willett.

unusual spelling of that name. unusual name, that.

any relation to mark? asked i.

yup. he's my older brother.

i know mark and mike, but not mitch. . .but wait. . .i think his mom was pregnant with you when mark and i graduated from junior high!

that's me, said mitch.

wow. small world.

met mitch and his girlfriend shawna today. nice couple. they dated over the phone for months. here's to LDRs. sometimes they work. both of them are teachers--special ed (hats off to them for that. . .it's a calling.)

he looks like mike and sounds like mark. did some reminiscing. mom still lives in the same house in LO. mark and mike sell drugs. . .er, pharmaceutical sales reps they are. i forget now what matt does. mark married the girl he knew since the tender age of sixteen. been together 36 years! that's an accomplishment.

it's amazing how much catching up you can do in an hour.

the bonus: they even bought the car they were looking for.

nice meeting you, mitch and shawna. hope to see you and your family again soon.

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