21 May 2006


we finally got our first really good thunderstorm of the season today.

a thunderstorm in oregon is usually a three-bangs-and-it's-over kind of affair, never lasting more than about twenty minutes.

this one went on for about an hour.

nothing, however, compares to summer thunderstorms on the east coast.

nor'easter on the new jersey shore. summer of 1987. that was a helluva storm. lasted for days, rain blew horizontally into my open window, woke me up at two in the morning. went out onto the screen porch and listened to thunderclaps in surround sound until the sun came up.

that was a thunderstorm.

boy, do i like this kind of weather.


Anonymous said...

Folks in the Northwest and Northeast don't know what a good thunderstorm is! Try living in the Midwest, perhaps Ohio or somewhere like that!

bored stiff geeks said...

hey anon:

i've been through a few storms in minnesota. those are whoppers too. i guess i am a bit sentimental about the new jersey shore, regardless of the weather. i'll take the thunderstorms without the risk of the occasional hurricane or tornado.