20 August 2006

my wife and kids went to hawaii
and all i got were the lousy chores
around the house while they were gone

two weeks ago monday my wife and girls jetted off to the island of hawaii. my mom (bless her) has been checking in on me from time to time to see if i am "batch-ing" it well. it has its ups and downs, but the solitude (i.e. the lack of screaming kids) has its benefits.

why, you ask, did i pass up a vacation to hawaii? no simple answer, that. you see, when i took my new job at countrywide on april 3, i thought it might not be prudent to skip off to the islands after a scant 3 months of work, never mind the fact that we had been planning this vacation for a year.

so i sacrificed a vacation and worked 10- to 11-hour days while the girlz were gone, knowing full well that i couldn't be guilted or nagged for working long hours. we'll see what happens when they get back.

i have had some time to catch up on some stuff around the house, and to stay in touch with friends lost over the years, and to remember silly stuff like birthdays (see here).

on the homefront, i even got to test my new media room all by myself and crank up the surround sound without worry about anyone asking me to turn it down.

tuesday morning, it all comes to a close.

next year, i pick the vacation spot. methinks the east coast is due for a visit soon so we can show off the girls to all my cousins.

happy birthday susy fischer.
happy birthday gene.

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