10 March 2008

get surreal

how surreal it was to come home from work to find this in my front yard.
i mean, i knew it was coming, but this makes it so. . .

. . .real, you know?

it's my first house, for crying out loud, and it's for sale. now our lives are topsy-turvy--we have to be ready to leave on 15-minutes' notice so the house can be shown, which means the house has to be damn spotless all the time!


kinda hits you where you live. bad pun, i know, but it works.

wish us happy bidding wars and offers over market value, willya?


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that Cuz. You WILL live through it. Also, you'll look back and only remember the good aspects.

CT Cuz

bored stiff geeks said...

thx don. we know we'll live through it and come out unscathed. it's just the realization and all the hard work that go into making the house ready that make you wonder why should i sell? it's so clean! what am i thinking. . .

but the good aspects will definitely be memorable. . .and all the good memories we built in the house too.

thanks for the encouragement, and say hello to boomboom.