30 March 2010

beam me up, scotty

my youngest and i went to visit the oregon museum of science and industry on the weekend, and the treat of the trip was a visit to the visit to the uss blueback, a post-world-war-II submarine which has seen action in the likes of the hunt for red october, and hawaii-Five-0 (season 1, episode 4). 

anna's favorite part of the tour of the blueback was getting to see the battery officer (see below).

my favorite moment was when anna sat at the controls in the engine room (the tour guide said this is where commander scott would be found if he worked in a submarine.) and as instructed, she kept her hands off the dials, buttons, levers, switches and knobs. she didn't want to send a distress signal to COMSUBPAC.

beam me up, anna!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Anna
Is your red shirt part of the crew's uniforms? It sure looks like it cause it has a 'good luck' sign on the front and those submariners need all the luck they get being so deep under the water most of the time, right!