07 February 2015

cats: they think they own the house: epilogue

and now the saga ends, sadly.

jewels, the black cat, joined princess, the gray one, at the kitty playground in the sky. she stopped eating about a week ago, and i took her to the vet on tuesday, whereupon the doc informed me of the cat's kidney failure. she went quietly into that good night.

she lived with us 15 good years, and she was a wonderful companion. she was tough as nails, and gentle as. . .erm. . .a kitten.

jack and owen, the other two cats, know something is amiss. owen skulks about and won't venture into our bedroom where jewels would sleep. jack just looks more confused than usual.

something IS off. there is no chatter when I enter my room, no slumbering presence at the foot of my bed. she is gone. . .but this time there is no creepy emotional detachment. this is real, and my home is changed.

thanks for the memories, jewels. you will be missed.  farewell, cat.


for a good chuckle, the rest of the story begins here. enjoy the saga.

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