15 March 2009

momma, don't let your children grow up to be criminals

arrested recently and awaiting trial for murder:
• kevin wayne dunlap, hopkinsville, ky., october;
• richard wayne smith, marietta, ga., january;
• joshua wayne cubbage, st. helens, ore., february;
• timothy wayne murray, slidell, la., convicted on a 2005 cocaine possession charge in march 2009 while awaiting trial for a 2006 murder.

indicted for murder or attempted murder:
• arnold wayne mccartney, lewis county, w.va., march;
• arthur wayne blood, pendleton, ore., march. awaiting trial:
• michael wayne charles, beaumont, texas, october;
• john wayne graves jr., lancaster, pa., november;
• michael wayne sherrill, charlotte, n.c., february;
• douglas wayne hall II, richmond, ky., february.

sentenced for murder:
• charles wayne warden, brownsville, texas, january. murder conviction upheld on appeal:
• thomas wayne weaver, gastonia, n.c., february. executed for murder:
• kenneth wayne morris, huntsville, texas, march. died in prison awaiting retrial for murder:
• michael wayne jennings, martinez, calif., convicted of murder in 1984 but granted a retrial in 2002.

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Anonymous said...

Under the section "indicted for murder" you'll find " arthur wayne blood, pendleton, ore., march. convicted of murder." But that isn't true. Blood has been indicted and charged on attempted murder and a whole lot more. Hhis trial is coming up this month. He has not been convicted of anything.

You can see the charges against him here: http://www.co.umatilla.or.us/deptwebs/jail/roster/Blood_Arthur_Wayne_.htm

bored stiff geeks said...

i stand corrected. . .

Anonymous said...

lighten up. obviously this guy is not a journalist

it seems the humor of the whole post was lost on you. . .do you not see the common thread?

perhaps he should have title this post "momma, don't give your kids middle names like wayne or they'll grow up to be criminals", but then the humor would have been lost in the details.

if you are a family member of mister arthur wayne blood of pendleton, or, my apologies; and if you are a family member of one of his victims or attempted victims, i wish you all the best.