13 December 2009

i can't believe we fit the whole thing

a week ago, our family went out on a very cold day. . .30 degrees and windy, but thankfully, no snow or rain.

we found this tree farm near our home which was selling these incredible noble firs, and so we cut one down, strapped it to the roof of our car, and drove it home. . .

. . .slowly, for it is a big tree, and we don't have a truck.

anyway, my wife's eyes were bigger than the room. she thought we had 10-foot ceilings. . .turned out to be
9-foot ceilings. once we got the tree in, we had to lop off a foot of the tree trunk. . .

inside the house. . .

with a circular saw.

sawdust. everywhere. so much that our vacuum cleaner clogged up and i had to install a new bag.

i digress.

so here we are, with a completely decorated christmas tree for our first christmas in our new house. i can't believe it's christmas already. six months have gone by so quickly.

i hope you like our humble tree.

may the blessings of the holiday be upon you in all abundance, whether you celebrate christmas, chanukkah, kwanzaa, or any other holiday. (we do strive (tongue
firmly planted in cheek) for some degree of political correctness. hahaha.)

merry christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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