30 December 2009

up, up and away
in my beautiful balloon

my niece was kind enough to give my girls a copy of the movie UP (disney/pixar) for christmas. they'd already seen it, carrie and i had not.

the advance previews were cute, but left us with an expectation of the movie which was, in a word, wrong.

in this case, that was ok. don't get me wrong, but the movie had its cute and funny parts, particularly dug and alpha (the dogs), but the story itself was the real charm. it was sensitive, moving, charming, funny, sad, illuminating, bitter and sweet all in one package.

i don't mind admitting being moved to tears at more than one occasion in the movie.

it was, in short, that good. if you haven't seen it, see it. if you have, see it again.

and again.

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