25 October 2010

ignorance is. . .umm. . .

Good for you, Sarah Palin. A lesser human might have wilted under the blaze of her own, blinding hypocrisy.

But not you. You're a regular gal who gets paid $100k for a night of speaking. Only in your world could a Tea Party made of mostly old, rich whites bitching about taxes somehow be called a "revolution."

And you keep on:
  • Taking shots at the "elite media" while flying through your multi-million-dollar book tour in a Learjet.
  • Ranting against "socialized healthcare" even though your own family hopped the border to mooch. . .um. . ."socialized healthcare" from Canada.
  • Calling yourself a feminist despite being the furthest possible thing from it.
  • Complaining about "gotcha" journalism despite recently having to be told that Africa was not, in fact, a country.
  • Lecturing people about abstinence-only education when your teenage daughter is already a single mom.
Yes, ignorance must truly be bliss.
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