07 April 2010

don't usually do this. . .but it's worth sharing

tell sarah palin: stop winking at violence


or more than a year, dating back before the 2008 election, sarah palin and other republican leaders have been "winking" at violent rhetoric from tea party extremists and other right-wing supporters. they have pretended to be "shocked" when accused of helping stoke such fires, and yet, they have stood by, and even endorsed rallies featuring signs such as, "obama's plan: white slavery," "the american taxpayers are the jews for obama's oven," and "guns tomorrow!"

and now, the chickens are coming home to roost, as these violent words metastasize into violent deeds. multiple members of congress have received death threats. others have had windows of offices smashed. at least one received a package of white powder.

sarah palin's reaction? shockingly, she's actually ramping up the rhetoric. not only did she tell her supporters, "don't retreat, instead-RELOAD," she even published a map with crosshairs over the districts of selected democrats who supported health-care reform.

enough is enough! please join me and send a letter to sarah palin demanding that she publicly pledge to stop winking at violent rhetoric, and to demand that her fellow republican leaders do the same.

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