20 April 2010

this is a beautiful polluter!

i dare you to show up at a convention of the green party on this thing.

24 cylinders. . .1 per lawnmower engine, 12 on a side, each with a pull cord starter!

imagine the time it must take to (a) fuel it up, (b) tune it up, and (c) change the oil. (never mind (d) start it!). my right arm is already tired!

a gas-powered lawn mower engine produces four times as much pollution as the engine in a typical car. do the math...24 engines times 4 (the pollution each engine's factor over 1 automobile engine) equals 96. . .this contraption emits 96 times the pollutants one car would...

sarah palin would love this thing. anyone remember "drill, baby, drill!"???

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